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2021 Da Xue Shan (Xin An Chu)

In The Way of Tea , Aaron Fisher writes about the real story of tea:  " [A] humble tree, lost in forest of others for longer than we as humans can know. And you might be wondering, then, why we have here glorified its birth, setting the background of Yunnan as a mystical, magical place " ( Fisher, 2010:  30). Yunnan, also known as "South of the Clouds", has the perfect balance of sun and rainfall with ideal humidity created by consistent fog and mist in many mountain areas that are the home for ancient forests of old trees ( 古树 , Gu Shu). One of them is Da Xue Shan (大雪山) in Lincang prefecture. Da Xue Shan literally means "Big Snowy Mountain" and as written in a detailed post on  blo g, " there are not one but many mountains that bear this name in China, and the Lincang region alone has three of them, enough to confuse tea lovers in search for the origin of their leaves.  Among these Da Xue mountains of Lincang, at least two are famous for t

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