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On time, reset, and forgotten teapots

These times are strange and stranger.  Maybe it is for the Saturnian push to reorganize, or the Uranian desire to disrupt and liberate. Or it may be the square between the two that has been challenging our daily routines since 2021. I have been going through a peculiar reset of my own tea experience. The fact that everything is in a constant change does not surprise me. The flow of the changeable dynamics of fragments in caleidoscopic chaos creating order is something I have observed ever since I soaked my finger in the art of gong fu cha , realizing that I can never brew the same tea the same way twice as, put simply, the second day it is not the same tea anymore and I am not the same person either.  As life made me move houses and countries recently, I have been rediscovering the old stuff I had purchased years ago and then stashed it somewhere, forgetting I ever got it. For example, a teapot I bought exactly eleven years ago just for its shape and size. I never really thought of the

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