Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2007 CNNP Hunan Shouzhu Fuzhuan (hei cha)

All tea merchandisers say that this product of CNNP in Hunan is a representant of high quality Hei Cha (Dark Tea). As one specification of this particular hei cha, “Fu Zhuan”(Fu Brick Tea) should be the top grade which has the longest production processing cycle. It products Aspergillus Cristatus with flourishing golden flowers all over.... Some people are afraid to taste it as it truly looks "alive".

I ordered just a 25g sample to find out what the golden flowers are about and all in all, it is delicious tea, resembles a mixture of spice (maybe cinnamon), nuts and herbs. The colour is dark red-brown and transparent, the taste is so rich that it is extremely hard to describe. Good tea for colder days despite the fact that hei cha is considered a “cooling” kind of tea. It works well with gongfu style, this kind of preparation allows you to fully enjoy the abundance of tastes of the tea.

Despite the fact that I was not disappointed,   I must say that it probably will not be my cup of tea, at least for now, it is probably too spicy for me.    


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Drink your tea
slowly and reverently,
as if it is the axis
on which the world earth revolves.
Slowly, evenly,
without rushing toward the future.
Live the actual moment.
Only this moment is life.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Best to be like water,
Which benefits the ten thousand things
And does not contend.
It pools where humans disdain to dwell,
Close to the Tao.

Live in a good place.
Keep your mind deep.
Treat others well.
Stand by your word.
Keep good order.
Do the right thing.
Work when it's time.

Only do not contend,
And you will not go wrong.

Tao Te Ching, 8 / transl. Addis & Lombardo